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Cayeya Reposado Single Barrel

Cayeya Reposado Single Barrel

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Aged for 9 months in meticulously re-charred American oak barrels, Tequila Cayéya's journey of maturation continues with an additional 2.5 months spent in exclusive French wine casks. This meticulous aging process defines it as a true single barrel single finish tequila, a distinction that sets it apart in the realm of spirits.

This unique aging combination imparts unparalleled depth and complexity to the tequila. The re- charred American oak contributes a robust and smoky character, while the brief embrace of the French wine casks adds a nuanced layer of refinement, infusing hints of delicate sweetness and oak. Remarkably, Tequila Cayéya's aging duration totals 11.5 months, with this expression coming just two weeks shy of reaching the esteemed status of an añejo. This stands as a testament to the meticulous artistry that goes into creating this exceptional spirit.

Each bottle bears the distinction of a designated barrel and batch number, and the signature of our esteemed Female Master Destiladora, Zandra Gomez.

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